Did you ever examine a mattress before buying? Firstly, you should look for the best type of mattresses available. The trending mattress type is spring mattress as it offers comfy and good sleep. If you know the features, pros and cons of the spring mattress then it will be easy to examine the product.

To be honest, a best selling spring mattress may fail to fit your requirements. Have the right information to buy a product. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the spring mattress before you buy one.

We have detailed the types of spring mattresses in India. Know the purpose of each type of spring mattress and then step forward to look for the best spring mattress.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring mattresses are made of coil or metal coils which is the core material. The multiple layers of the material is for proper support and comfort. It is also called the traditional type of mattress for its built and design.

Different Types of Spring Mattress

There are four types of spring mattresses in India. The types of spring mattress namely, bonnell, coil spring, double spring and pocket. If you are looking for a best spring mattress then you must also know the types of spring mattresses.

Bonnel Spring Mattress

Bonnell is the oldest type of spring mattress. People prefer these mattresses as they are affordable and reliable. As it is the oldest technology it costs less. It is an apt spring mattress for obesed people as it distributes the body weight properly.

It is not suggested for the patients with back pain. Bonnel spring mattresses are available with five and seven zones. You can choose as per your convenience and comfort.

Coil Spring Mattress

The coil spring mattresses are made of metal coils. The coils are interconnected to each other for better support and resistance. Coil spring layers are covered with a high amount of latex and memory foam as the uncovered spring layer is too hard. The springy effect and cushiony cover makes it the best type of spring mattress.

Double Spring Mattress

It is a contemporary type of spring mattress. The double spring mattress is a combination of both upper and lower springs. The improved elasticity makes it more bouncy to body touch. It has the higher capacity to handle the body weight.

Pocket Spring Mattress

In this type of spring mattress, springs are not connected with any wire. Springs are fixed in the pockets respectively. This makes the mattress comfier. It is the top choice of spring mattress in Indian market for its comfortness while sleeping.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the spring mattress. The awareness is to make sure that you are purchasing the product for right purposes. After referring to these detailed information, you may become double sure to buy the spring mattress.

Advantages of Spring Mattress

These are important features that you must know and check to buy a spring mattress. Look for these features which become the advantages over the use. The spring mattress is to offer all these advantages.

  • Good air circulation: Better air circulation allows ventilation with the space between the coils. This keeps your body temperature cool without disturbing your sleep.
  • Adequate bounce and comfort: It makes your mattress more bouncy with the springs and coils. The double spring mattress is comfier as said before.
  • Edge support: As the coils are extended to the edge of the mattress, it gives full support. It allows sitting or sleeping at the edge with the firm and comfy support.
  • Durability: If a spring mattress is constructed well then it lasts for a longer period. A well constructed spring mattress can offer the same kind of comfort even after years of use.
  • Affordable

Disadvantages of Spring Mattress

You have disadvantages that may become a turnoff to buy a spring mattress. Disadvantages of the spring mattress doesn’t make it an improper type of mattress. It is only to know whether it suits you the best. If you want to make a secure purchase then you must also know the cons.

  • Dust Mites Attack: Due to the gaps in the springs, it causes the space for dust mites. If the underlying fabrics are wool and fiber then it leads to dust mites. It allows the growth of allergens which results in dust allergy and infections. That is the main reason you are asked to clean the spring mattress.
  • Tends to wear faster: It is observed that spring mattresses can wear faster. The tendency to wear faster is due to the loss of support for springs. The padding gets compressed and starts to wear off.
  • Hard to set up: Spring mattresses are hard to set up compared to other mattresses. You must preassemble the mattress for a hassle free setup.
  • Partner disturbance: There is a chance of motion transfer which can be disturbing to sleep along with a partner. So, you must choose a best spring mattress that avoids motion transfer.

When a mattress type comes into the picture, you must know various parameters to buy it. Focusing only on the price or comfort is not everything. Look for all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of a spring mattress.