A premium mattress that is suitable to all your needs may not work as expected after a duration. Then you have missed a few parameters while researching the bought mattress. If you are shopping for a coir mattress this time, you wouldn’t experience the same as you have the helping guidance and reviews on the best coir mattresses in India.

The buying advice to reviews is still less when it comes to new mattress shopping. You must know the origins and additional information about a type of mattress.

Here you get to know the purpose of coir mattress in the market, its benefits along with the best list of coir mattresses in India.

What is Coir Mattress?

Mattresses are differentiated based on various factors. Material is the major factor that is used to classify the mattress. So, the coir mattress is made of natural coconut husk. It is extracted from the internal hard part and external layer of the coconut.

As it is hard to sleep on coconut husk, it is combined with foam or latex solution. This makes the mattress soft and smooth enough to sleep. But coconut fiber remains to be a primary material to manufacture a coir mattress.

Our 6 Best Coir Mattress In India – Reviews

Top Pick

Duroflex Back Magic


  • 5 inches thickness
  • 5 Zoned layer mattress
  • Free air circulation
  • Extra firm level
  • Anti bacterial protectors
  • 7 Years warranty

We have enough benefits to rank Duroflex mattress at first place in the list of best coir mattresses in India. It is a 5 inches mattress with lightweight. The dimensions of the mattress are perfect.

It is an extra firm mattress with orthopedic technology. The mattress has 5 zoned layers. Each zone is fixed for different purposes- zone 1 is for head and neck, zone 2 for shoulder and upper back, zone 3 for lower back and hips, then zone 4 for upper leg and knee, and lastly zone 5 for lower leg and ankle. The structured layers also correct the sleeping posture gradually.

The naturally cooling coir is to allow freshness and improve hygiene. The topmost layer of the mattress is knitted foam for plush effect. It also has a layer that acts as a protective cover to the mattress. The layers of the mattresses are durable with resilience.

Colour of the mattress is dark grey-blue which is a perk. It can resist stains through wear and tear use. You can get the mattress at an affordable price.

If your need is to find a medium firm or soft mattress then this mattress doesn’t fit your need. It is an extra firm mattress which may not suit all body types.


Corrects the sleeping posture
Dark colour
Maintains hygiene
Proper alignment of spine
Cool during summers
Reasonable price


Not for all body types

Top Pick

Extra Sleep Premium Coir Mattress


  • 4 Inches thickness
  • 16 Kgs weight mattress
  • Breathable cotton fabric
  • Matains right temperature

The Extra Sleep coir mattress is available in various sizes. And you can have this mattress if you are looking for less density. The thickness is less compared to other mattresses in the list of best coir mattresses in India.

The primary materials of the mattress are coir, cotton and PU foam. The mattress is added with premium cotton fabric which offers superior sleeping experience. It allows breathability to your mattress. The other purpose of the fabric is to maintain the right temperature of the mattress and your body.

Some of the buyers tagged this mattress as a firm yet comfortable and not too hard.
It is due to the added layer of PU foam. It is a long lasting coir mattress as it comes with 10 years of warranty.


  • 10 Years warranty
  • Dark red colour
  • Lasting durability
  • Quite affordable


Less density

Top Pick

Shagun Rubberised Single Coir Mattress


  • 4 inches thickness
  • Dual usable mattress
  • Extra firm
  • Better air circulation

If you are looking for a cheaper coir mattress in India then it is the best of all. It fits the low budget with reasonable quality. It is manufactured with the cotton fiber as the top layer. It is to promote optimal air circulation.

The main materials used for this mattress are coir, cotton and fiber. You can flip and use the mattress as it has a dual comfort level. One side is soft and the other side is firm. You can switch the sides as per your comfort levels and needs.

The mattress has the orthopedic feature. It naturally aligns the body appropriately and eventually reduces body pains. The other side of the mattress is to distribute the body weight evenly which is a significant benefit. It is a single coir mattress with precision and ideal dimensions. The maroon colour is an added advantage.


Budget friendly product
5 Years warranty
Perfect body support


Less density

Top Pick

SLEEPSPA Coir Mattress


  • Dual comfort
  • 10 Kgs weight
  • 4 inches thickness
  • Hypoallergenic mattress
  • Airy cotton fabric

The thickness of the mattress is 4 inches and it weighs around 10 kgs. Top notable feature of the mattress is dual comfort. You can use both sides for soft and firm comfort. As it is a lightweight mattress, you can easily flip it when needed.

The mattress is airy and allows you to sleep cool and in the whole comfort. It is a hypoallergenic mattress which avoids allergens entering your bed. And it has anti-fungal qualities. You may not find the same comfort and safety with a low-quality mattress.

Next, SleepSpa mattress is developed for ergonomic alignment of your body. It allows your spine to align properly. The mattress is a fusion of coir and cotton material. Coir is rubberized to execute the resilience when sleeping on the mattress. The PU foam comes as the top layer for plush and medium firmness.

It comes in a preassembled state where you can use it directly and effortlessly. The design and exterior material of the mattress look modern. It comes in maroon colour which can sustain the stains and marks.


5 Years warranty
Modern design and colour
Lightweight mattress


Less density

Top Pick

Centuary Mattresses Coir Mattress


  • Rubberized coir material
  • 4 supportive Layers
  • 4 inches thickness
  • 26 Kgs weight
  • 2 Years warranty

The mattress is made of the rubberized coir material which keeps it firm. You have different levels of firmness in the same model. You can choose according to your convenience from, extra firm, soft and just firm.

Century mattress is a 4 inches thick mattress with 26 kgs weight. It is heavier compared to other mattresses. The mattress is a fusion of PU foam and coir materials. The top layer of the mattress is jacquard fabric cover for a plush feeling. Then it is followed by a quilted high quality foam for the second layer of support.

The mattress is specially enhanced with airy features so that it can deliver longevity over the years. As it is breathable, it also maintains hygiene even after several years. The mattress is manufactured excluding harmful chemicals to avoid odors and fumes.


Preassembled state
Dark colour


Less warranty

Top Pick

Nilkamal Sneham Coir Mattress


  • 5 Inches thickness
  • 17 Kgs weight
  • Soft comfort level
  • Rubberized coir
  • 2 Years warranty

The Nilkamal coir mattress is manufactured based on the sleeping habits of the people. That is how the mattress is one of the best coir mattresses in India. It is made to match the Indian weather conditions.

The mattress is made available in 4 different firmness levels- medium soft, medium firm, firm and extra firm. You are open to choose the firmness of the mattress as per your requirement.

The top layer is well quilted to provide unparalleled comfort. The firm base is to contour the body and offer good support. It is safe to use products with authentic materials. It looks sleek and stylish to a modern bedroom.


Preassembled state
Variant firmness levels
Variant sizes
Modern colour and design


Less warranty
Low resilience

Benefits of Using Coir Mattress

1. Less or No Chemicals

As coir is the primary material in a coir mattress, there is a chance of using less chemical foam and other synthetic fibers. High quality mattresses use high quality foam, cotton fabric, and natural latex to combine with coir material. So, you must be mindful of the quality to experience the benefits of a coir mattress.

2. Affordable

Generally, coir mattresses are made of coconut coir. So, it doesn’t need expensive materials in higher quantities. This is how coir mattresses are cheaper compared to other types of mattresses.

3. Good Ventilation

The coir layer on a mattress also promotes air circulation. If there is no proper ventilation in the mattress, it stops air circulation. This will cause odor and accumulate moisture inside the mattress. Coir mattress is beneficial with proper ventilation that promotes air circulation.

4. Prevents Allergic

Coconut fiber is totally organic which has the anti dust qualities. People who are prone to dust allergies can choose a coir mattress over any other type of mattress. It also avoids respiratory problems as it is mostly natural and chemical less.

5. Cool Temperature

The natural coir material is a benefit in summers. It maintains the cool temperature of the mattress even in humid climates. This can offer you uninterrupted sleep.

Know the Disadvantages of Coir Mattress

1. Tends to Wear Easily

The complaint with coir mattresses is, they tend to wear easily. Coir mattresses can sag faster with continuous use. High-quality coir material can last longer compared to low-quality material.

2. Firmness

Coir mattresses are firm and extra firm which is not suitable for all body types. There are chances that it misaligns the spine with extra hardness. So, it is important to consider the firmness while choosing a coir mattress.


You have wide options of coir mattresses in India. But remember that you are investing in a best coir mattress. Let your needs match the features of the mattress. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the mattress type while buying a new one. Hope this detailed buying guide helps you while choosing a coir mattress.