Latex mattresses are renowned for their natural springness, bouncy effect. The best latex mattress comes with multiple benefits. Many reputed brands are manufacturing latex mattresses.

So, finding the best latex mattress is easy but a bit tricky too. A buying guidance with product reviews can help you shortlist the best latex mattress in the widened Indian market.

As you have abundant options, we have picked the best products. Along with that, you need to know the pros and cons of each product to decide its capabilities. Knowing the purpose of the latex mattress can assure your choice as the best or not.

Here you can find all you need to know about the best latex mattress in India.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex is the material that is used to create a supportive layer for a mattress. It is manufactured from an organic rubber material that is extracted from rubber trees. Most people prefer natural latex material as it is eco-friendly and chemical-free.

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Best Latex Mattress in India

Top Pick

Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Mattress


  • 5 Inches thickness
  • King size mattress
  • Good air circulation
  • Maintains cool temperature
  • Avoids motion isolation
  • Antibacterial material

The latex mattress from Dreamzee is comfortable and luxurious like the mattresses in hotels. The fabric used to cover the mattress is soft and extra comfortable.

The mattress material is naturally extracted from rubber trees. The material makes it safe to sleep and the open cell structure aids inadequate air circulation.

Moreover, natural latex is antibacterial and antifungal which are beneficial features.

Many mattresses create a disturbance with heat temperature during summer and monsoon seasons. This mattress is unlike such discomforting mattresses.

It provides a cushion like support for pressure points, hips and shoulders.This way you will have restful sleep on the Dreamzee natural latex mattress.

The latex mattress is a perfect choice for people who share the bed with their partner. Motion transfer is not a problem as your partner rolls over or turns often when snoozing.

Other reasons to choose this as the best latex mattress in India comes with the perfect shape and size. You get the mattress in a preassembled state which becomes easy to use soon after delivery of the product.

The mattress is designed with perfect dimensions. It is a promising product with features of resilience. Though it is an expensive product, it is worth buying.


  • Precise finishing
  • Longevity
  • Cushiony surface
  • Supports the pressure points
  • Pre Assembled mattress
  • 10 Years warranty


  • Heavy mattress
Top Pick

SleepyCat 100% Organic Latex Mattress


  • 7 layer mattress
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Removable zipper over
  • Breathable inner cover
  • Anti-skid base fabric
  • Natural cooling feature

Finding a non-toxic mattress is not that easy. If you are looking for such a mattress then you can consider the Sleepycat latex mattress as the best. It is a good choice for people who are looking for a single mattress.

Other benefits of this latex mattress are, it comes with 7 zone support. The 7 layers consist- 5 inches of foam support and 2 inches of natural latex material. It has a naturally cooling feature with natural latex as part of the mattress.

The inner cover of the mattress is breezy enough and so hygiene to use. It is featured with a smart removable zipper.

You can remove the zipper and let the mattress retain the shape after continuous use. The smart zipper separates into two parts of the mattress for extra comfort and space.

The best feature we cannot miss to mention is anti-skid fabric. The fabric added to the mattress is to avoid skidding when having a sound sleep. You can get this best latex mattress at an affordable price in India.


  • 10 Years warranty
  • Conforms to body curves
  • Plush effect
  • Relieves back and shoulder pain
  • Hygienic material
  • Affordable price


  • Less bouncy
Top Pick

Sunday Latex Mattress


  • Single size
  • 8 inches mattress
  • Breathable cotton layer
  • Allergy free fabric
  • Cools the mattress naturally
  • Firmer surface

You can have full latex pleasure with this 8 inches mattress. It is a firmer mattress for effective body support. In fact, a mattress is made for balanced firmness for comfortable sleep.

The materials used are- 6 inches of latex foam and 2 inches of breathable latex over it. Breathable latex foam layer is to keep the mattress cooler and comfortable for the sleeper and the cotton layer is allergy free. The latex foam is certified as standard quality.

What’s your sleeping position? The mattress is suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions (back,side,stomach and fetal) It is a well fitting mattress for people who want back support. It allows your spine to align in a healthy way while sleeping. To increase the support under the shoulders, the mattress is designed with soft foam at the upper part and stuffed with firmer foam at the hips area.

The mattress is designed to avoid problems with your partner’s movements. It is a flexible mattress which suits all kinds of beds.The materials used for the mattress makes it easy to use.

It is a compressed mattress and claims to have 30% more durability compared to other latex mattresses. If you still want to test the mattress then avail the 100 days trial benefit. Anyways the product is reasonably priced for its quality and comfortable design.


  • Back and pain relief
  • No disturbance sleep
  • 10 Years warranty
  • 100 days trial
  • Zero partner disturbance


  • Not completely natural
  • (contains memory foam)
Top Pick

Morning Owl latex mattress


  • Medium firm mattress
  • 5.6 thickness
  • Lightweight mattress
  • Cool temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% natural latex

You can relax and rest your body with incredible support with medium firmness. The Morning Owl mattress is neither too soft nor too hard. The firmness doesn’t disturb your sleep nor leaves your body with pains. The mattress contours to the body shape which supports your pressure points.

The mattress prevents heat temperatures and hot flashes.The natural latex ensures the automatic cooling advantage. It is composed to keep your body cool as per the temperature fluctuations. It also prevents moisture accumulation as the inner cover is highly absorbent.

Bedroom allergies can cause disturbance to your sleep. If you have experienced such discomfort then you must choose this mattress to avoid any allergies. It is a hypoallergenic mattress that keeps the dust mites away. It is an antibacterial mattress.

The mattress weighs around 20 kilograms which is lightweight. It is easy to maintain and transfer. The Morning Owl latex mattress is available in different sizes- single, double, queen and king size. Also it is a great option for couples as there will be zero partner disturbance with motion transfer. The mattress is designed to fit all kinds of sleepers.


  • 10 Years warranty
  • Dust mites resistant
  • Pin core design
  • Non toxic material
  • For all kind of sleepers
  • Affordable


  • Single layer
Top Pick

Boston Organic Mattress


  • King size mattress
  • 5 inches thickness
  • 100% pure latex
  • Anti dust mites fabric
  • Self ventilation
  • Medium firmness

The mattress is for supreme comfort that comes from pure latex. It is free from synthetic latex or fillers. Silk softness of the mattress indulges you in a luxurious experience. If you are looking for a mattress with a combination of latex material and medium firmness then you can opt for this product.

It is a king size mattress with the dimensions- 78 inches length and 72 inches width. Coming to thickness, it’s 5 inches. Altogether these are the ideal dimensions for a best king size mattress.

The mattress is of ergonomic technology which helps relieve the aches and discomfort in hips, spine, shoulder and neck. You will have confirming body support with surrounded latex material.

Boston offers the best latex mattress in India with upgraded technology. As it is made from natural latex, it prevents the dust mites away. It is a hygienic mattress that has sufficient ventilation and therefore antifungal. It doesn’t get heat during summers instead maintains cool temperature.


  • No heat temperature
  • Anti fungal mattress
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Conforms body accordingly


  • Less durable
Top Pick

Repose Eyelidz Latex Mattress


  • 5 layers comfort
  • 5 inches thickness
  • Anti dust material
  • 100% Natural latex
  • Controls moisture automatically

You get sound sleep with a finely hygienic mattress. If you are particularly looking for a natural latex mattress then you must include this product in the list.

As the mattress is made of natural latex, it has anti dust benefit. The material is breathable which gives you a refreshed sleep everyday. The latex fiber can control the moisture that forms during different climatic conditions. It is an advantage of breathable material as it promotes air flow. Cooling effect of the mattress is a praised feature in summers. You may choose this as a best latex mattress for summers.

You can switch from your old mattress to Repose latex mattress to get rid of morning body pains.

This is the best latex mattress in India for good structure and design. It has three inner layers which include knitted fabric quilt and upper, bottom hard latex. This adds support to your back and avoids back pain. It provides enough contour to your body. And that improves sleep quality and gives you a pain-free sleep.

The mattress offers plush comfort and the best sleeping experience. You need not worry about the mattress finishing. It is a well-stitched mattress.


  • Balanced plush and firmness
  • Breathable
  • Chemical free
  • Cooling effect


  • Less warranty

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When to Choose the Latex Mattress?

Every mattress type has certain advantages and disadvantages. Until you know both sides of a mattress, you cannot finalize it. A few choose a latex mattress for its extreme support and natural springiness. Another major reason for choosing a latex mattress is organic and chemical free material.

Advantages of Latex Mattress

The advantage of the mattress can be your need of choosing a mattress. The pros of a product tell you if the product is best for you or not. So, you must give importance to each advantage while choosing a latex mattress.

1. Durability

You will find most of the latex mattresses with longer durability compared to other types of mattresses in the market. Buying the mattress over and over again is time consuming and moreover leads to higher expenses.

Instead, you can pick a latex mattress which comes with a warranty of 10 years and above. Also, consider the quality of latex used to manufacture the mattress. The material quality talks about the durability.

2. Chemical free

If you have found the total natural latex mattress then you can opt for it. Natural latex is free of chemicals. It keeps the allergens and dust mites at a bay. But make sure you are aware of the material used to manufacture the mattress. Natural latex is extra safe material for long term use, unlike other synthetic materials.

3. Relief to Pressure Points

The best feature of a latex mattress is, to contour the body shape. It relieves the pain in pressure points and avoids the morning body pains. The natural spring effect gives a good amount of bounce and support to your back. Latex mattresses are mostly suitable for all kinds of sleeping positions.

4. Motion isolation

It avoids motion transfer and you will have enough space to sleep along with your partner. When a sleeper tosses or rolls, it isolates the movements. The sleeper will tend to move less on a latex mattress.

Disadvantages of Latex Mattress

As you are investing a huge amount into a mattress, you must also know the drawbacks of it. If the cons are bothering you then you can go for another product. Hence, we have mentioned the main disadvantages of a latex mattress to not commit any mistake when you are buying one.

1. Expensive

Latex mattresses are the most expensive type of mattress in India. The mattress doesn’t suit your budget and the cost can become a disadvantage.

2. Heavy weight

Latex is made out of rubber and it weighs heavier than other mattresses. If you are a renter, then shifting a heavy mattress is hard. For a latex mattress to last longer, you will have to change the sides. It will be tough to switch the sides again and again with a heavy weight.

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress?

You must consider a few things while buying a latex mattress. Keeping all these factors in mind, you can easily shortlist the best latex mattress in India. These are the important factors and features you must expect from a good latex mattress.

1. ILD (Indentation Load Density)

ILD is the density of a mattress which you must consider as a primary factor. Basically, the firmness of a mattress is defined based on the ILD. The popular way to calculate the density of a latex mattress is by measuring the mass per unit volume expressed as kilograms.

The natural latex mattress usually weighs 60 kgs to 90 kgs. If you want to choose the latex mattress considering the firmness then knowing the density is important.

2. Durability

Know the durability of a latex mattress which means it remains in the same condition. It would sustain the wear and tear use, and continue to be odorless. However, durability of a latex mattress completely depends on the quality of latex material.

3. Hardness

While choosing a latex mattress, look for the hardness as you have variants in hardness. A few mattresses are extra softer and a few are medium soft or harder. So, you must choose the latex mattress with the suitable hardness for your body and comfort.

4. Heat Retention

The natural latex has the capability of lowering the heat temperature. So, you must look for the best quality latex mattress which is capable of self cooling. This is a useful feature during summers and monsoons.

5. Off Gassing

Many mattresses in the market tend to off gas. Mattresses tend to off gassing with room temperature and produce a bad odour. It is similar to the colour less chemical. But it is different with a natural latex mattress. Natural latex doesn’t produce any odor even after years of use.

Always, make sure that you choose a purely organic latex which is free from chemicals.

6. Body Types

Latex mattresses which are of low density are good for lightweight sleepers. Heavier people can choose the mattress which is a bit firmer. See that your body doesn’t sink into the mattress where it loses support.

7. Support & Comfort

The latex mattress naturally gives you a spring effect when you sleep on it. Your body sinks in but you will enjoy the comfort due to its bouncy effect. People with back pain and neck pain can prefer the latex mattress. A good quality latex mattress can relieve the body pains.

8. Pin Holes

You must choose a latex mattress with a pinholes feature. The mattresses are punctured to holes for better hygiene. It allows the moisture to dry with proper airflow. Another benefit of pinholes in a latex mattress is- it changes the composition and the firmness of the mattress.

Pinholes in certain areas can give extra support to your body. You must check whether the new latex mattress has pinholes.

9. Company Reputation

When you are looking for the best latex mattress, you must find a good brand where you will find it. Random brands don’t assure the benefits of a latex mattress. Look for the reputed brands which are popularly known for manufacturing the effective and promising mattresses.

10. Warranty

Warranty is one of the features you must consider while buying a new latex mattress. Mostly, latex mattresses last for 10-12 years. Durability is a part of warranty policies and conditions. Choose a latex mattress that comes with a longer period of warranty.


Latex mattresses are the best choice as they are environmentally friendly and durable. But you can only enjoy the pleasure of a latex mattress when it is free from synthetics. Go for the natural latex mattress which are listed above. Also, consider the other factors while choosing the best latex mattress in India.