You lock yourself in a seat for hours while you travel a long distance. Not just adjusting the seat but having good neck support is what you need the most. So your need for the best travel pillow is understandable.

You can imagine how a travel pillow makes a difference. A pillow that wraps your neck and supports your head is the best travel pillow.

Good that you are looking for a travel pillow. While you are choosing a travel pillow, you must know a few things. See what all you need to know before buying the products.

You have an easy list of the best travel pillows in India. The brief review and buying guidance about the travel pillow will help choose the right product.

Best Travel Pillow in India

Memory Foam Travel Neck Support Pillow

The neck pillow is made with foam material for extra support for long distance travelling. It is to wrap your neck in comfort without any pain and stiffness.

The pillow is with ergonomic design to hold your neck properly. It is an ideal pillow for men to have adequate neck support. It is not only for sitting position but also made for sleeping position.

Memory foam travel pillow is the best choice for travelling as it comes as a set. It comes with a pouch to carry and store the pillow. You also have the eye mask which is important while travelling. You sometimes need restful sleep at the time of travelling. So, the product is also accompanied by the earplugs to avoid noise.


  • With eye mask
  • With ear plugs
  • Pouch to carry
  • Memory foam material
  • Ergonomic design
  • Provides head support


  • None

Travel360 degree neck travel pillow

The travel pillow takes care of your neck muscles and heads while you are seated. It prevents from causing a stiff neck post long trips. You may need this pillow when you are sleeping to keep the chin upright.

The pillow is extremely soft that also makes it flexible to use in different positions. It is specially made with velvet fabric for soft touch. You can use the pillow while travelling in car, bus and flight.

It is a multi purpose pillow to use at home for watching TV. If you are lying on the couch or bed, you will get the extra support you need with this Travel360 degree neck travel pillow.

It fits perfectly around the neck and saves from hurting your neck. It is a travel friendly lightweight pillow that you can carry anywhere. You can choose this pillow as it is hygiene with washable fabric. It is one of the best travel pillows if you are looking for a budget friendly product.


  • Earphone holder
  • Lightweight pillow
  • Multi purpose product
  • Washable
  • Soft material
  • Affordable


  • Low quality material

Duckback Polyester Travel Pillow

A few people prefer air pillows over which are made of fabric. This is an air filling pillow for a specific preference. If you are looking for extended neck support then this pillow is for you. It is designed in a rectangular shape to give you sufficient support.

The travel pillow is to avoid neck pain while you sleep or sit for a longer time. It is an easy to carry travel pillow with lightweight. The material used to make the pillow is polyester. You can choose the pillow as it is well stitched and finished. The air doesn’t leak and trouble you while using it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Adjustable shape and size


  • Tends to damage easily

Angel Bear Memory Foam Neck Pillow for Travel

The travel pillow is manufactured with quality memory foam. It provides ultra-plush support with a smooth outer cover. You get the extra support at either side contouring your neck. It is an orthopedic pillow to hold your neck in the right position while sitting.

The normal “U” shaped neck pillows only provide the back neck support. It is unlike those normal pillows which are limited to provide support. You can lock it around your neck with a button.

It is not only for neck support but also for head and chin support while you rest back on the seat. It perfectly fits and covers the neck size. The travel pillow fits most of the neck size but there is no option to adjust it. So, you must check if it fits your neck before buying it.

The pillow is featured with a removable zipper for easy wash. Angel bear travel pillow is a product included with an eye mask. It is padded and feels cushiony on the eyes.


  • With eye mask
  • Lock button
  • Washable cover
  • Head and neck support
  • Keeps cozy and comfy


  • Not adjustable

Trajectory SuperCozy Hoodie Neck Travel Pillow

The travel pillow is made of velvet fabric to give comfortable support around the neck. You can use the button to wrap the pillow around your neck. You will have 360-degree neck support with firmer filling. The fabric helps you have sound sleep with the ultimate comfort. With the button, you can also attach the pillow to your luggage.

The pillow is attached with a hoodie to use in chilling winters. You can keep your ears and head covered while traveling in winter. It is designed in that way to keep you cozy and warm.

You can choose it for travelling by car, train or plain. This pillow is great for all sizes with adjustable strings. It is one of the durable travel pillows in this list.


  • With hoodie
  • Adjustable strings
  • Cozy velvet fabric
  • Supports neck and chin
  • 6 months warranty


  • No eye mask

Billebon Neck Travel Sleeping Pillow

You need relaxing support while sitting or sleeping while traveling. You can pick this travel pillow for that kind of support. It is to maintain a healthy neck posture throughout the resting time. If you are someone who works for hours in front of the system then this is the best neck pillow. It is a portable travel pillow that you can carry and use anywhere to relieve and prevent neck stiffness.

It comes with a lock button that keeps the pillow secure around your neck. The travel pillow comes with an eye mask that is elastic. Travelling also strains eyes with pollution and continuous vehicle movements. This can disturb your sleep time when you are travelling. So, you can use this eye mask to prevent eye strain.

This travel pillow is designed to reduce the head movement while travelling. It is to reduce the neck and head strain while you fall asleep. You can avail this pillow at a low price and you will get it with good quality. Overall, it is one of the best recommended travel pillows in India.


  • Best stitch quality
  • With eye mask
  • Portable pillow
  • Affordable price


  • The eye mask is not great

How to Choose the Best Travel Pillow in India

Types of Travel Pillow

Before buying the travel pillows, you must know the available types. Different travel pillows are made to suit different purposes. Basically, you will see three types of travel pillows while searching for the options-

Inflatable Pillows

These travel pillows are popular for flexible use. You can adjust the firmness and size according to your comfort. The pillows are lightweight and more suitable while traveling by train and flight.

Microbead Pillows

These pillows are filled with polyester microbeads. It is capable of adjusting according to your neck shape and size. A microbead travel pillow is for normal neck support. If you are looking for a pillow that gives you extra support then this is not for you. It gives less neck support compared to other types of travel pillows.

Memory Foam

The travel pillows made with memory foam are the firmest of all the types. These pillows hug your neck better and also provide support for the head. But these pillows are expensive compared to other types of travel pillows.

2. Material

Outer Material

The fabric used to make the travel pillow is the outer material. Not only to consider the stuffed material but also to check the outer material.

You must check the fabric used to cover the pillow. Most of the pillows are layered with velvet or fleece fabric for soft touch and comfort. Velvet travel pillows are soft and comfortable. Fleece fabric keeps you warm and cosy in winter. The low-quality fabrics and outer materials can result in allergens and dust problems.

Inner Material

The inner material is referred to as the filling of the pillow. Generally, travel pillows are stuffed with foam, microbeads, and polyester. The support and firmness of the pillow depend on the material stuffed inside. You may not feel comfortable with all kinds of materials. Being specific about the inner material is important.

3. With Good Neck Support

You need to choose a travel pillow that can provide you with extended support. A pillow must allow you to maintain the right neck posture. As you may tend to lose head support while traveling you need a well designed pillow. The best neck pillow must also minimize the head movements. It should keep your chin upright to avoid neck pain. Only such firm and supportive pillows are the best for traveling.

4. Size & Weight

You need to choose a pillow that is portable and easy to carry. The lightweight pillows are ideal for traveling. Heavy pillows are more like a burden to carry and hold around the neck.

Another factor to consider before choosing the travel pillow is size. The size of the pillow must define the support it provides you. A smaller pillow is only for limited support. So, choose a pillow with the right size and lightweight.

5. Durability

When you are buying a product, consider its durability. How long does the travel pillow last?

A few travel pillows only lasts for 2-3 uses which is not durable. So, choose the durable product which can last for a longer time. You can look for the warranty policy before buying the pillow. If the product comes with warranty then you can pick it.

6. Washability

How long can you use a pillow without washing it? As hygiene is the concern, washing a travel pillow is a must. If hygiene matters for you, then you must choose a washable pillow. Make sure you find a removable cover pillow as it is easy to wash.

7. Price

You must compare the price of the travel pillow options on the best list. Keep the price and quality of the product at one place while comparing the products. Usually, the price of a product depends on the quality and features. See if it is worth spending on a travel pillow and then pick it.


Facing hurdles when traveling is common but you must arrange it well to make it better. Travel pillows can contribute a bit. You will have a better traveling experience with a travel pillow. This list of best travel pillows in India can allow you to have that comfort.