Coir and foam are the materials used to make a type of mattress. The comfort and texture of the mattress differs with the material used. There are various reasons to recommend a particular mattress. You can choose the mattress that suits your body, and fits your comfort level. If you compare both coir and foam mattress then you may find the best of these for you.

You need to know the purpose of the coir and foam mattress. We are including the information that clarifies about coir Vs foam mattress. We have also briefed the pros and cons of coir and foam mattress for your clear understanding.

Coir and foam mattresses are widely available in the Indian market. The differences between coir mattresses and foam mattresses can let you buy the best mattress in India. The best mattress can perform well as per your expectations. Here, you have the required guidance on coir mattress Vs foam mattress.

Differences Between Coir and Foam Mattress

  • Coir mattress is made of natural coconut fiber. Whereas, the foam mattress is made of synthetic fibers and petrochemicals
  • Foam mattress sags less compared to a coir mattress. Coir mattress is known to sag easily compared to a foam mattresses.
  • Coir mattresses maintain cool body temperature in summers. It is not the same with foam mattresses as it retains the heat.
  • Coir mattress is fully firm and foam mattress is medium firm as the material differs for the two types of mattresses.
  • The foam mattress is reputed to last longer compared to the coir mattress.
  • Mostly, the durability of a coir mattress depends on craftsmanship. But the durability of a foam mattress depends on the quality of foam used.

What is Coir Mattress

Coir material is the natural fabric obtained from coconut husk. The coconut coir is used to make the mattress hard. With natural hard coir, it gives the proper support to the body while sleeping. It offers good support to the spine and avoids back pain. People prefer the coir mattress as it is natural and eco friendly.

Some of the reasons that people always prefer coir mattresses is- it won’t burn easily as it is so heat resistant. Coir mattresses are also preferable as they let the air circulate properly. Coir mattresses are ideal for use during summer as it avoids overheat with good air circulation.

The coir mattresses are available of two types- hybrid coir mattress and rubberized coir mattress. A hybrid coir mattress is solely made of natural coconut coir as the material. Rubberized coir mattress is made of coconut coir and latex solution. Based on your comforts, you can choose one of the two types of mattress.

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Pros of Coir Mattress

You have a good number of benefits using a coir mattress. Pros of coir mattress are crucial to consider when you are choosing the type of mattress. While we discuss the pros of coir mattress, we must say that the durability of the mattress depends on the quality of coconut fiber used to prepare it.

  • Harmless natural material
  • Eco friendly fabric
  • Anti dust quality fabric
  • Avoids dust allergies
  • Fire resistant mattress
  • Prevents from respiratory problems
  • Supports spine and avoids back pain
  • Best for summers

Cons of coir mattress

The disadvantages of a coir mattress are very few but you need to consider all the features and cons before investing in a mattress. Your choice of mattress may change after knowing the cons. Here are the cons of the coir mattress for your detailed information.

  • May sag over the time
  • Hard mattress

What is Foam Mattress

Generally foam mattress is made from any of these materials- memory foam, latex, polyurethane. Many choose a foam mattress as it gives proper support to the body and reduces the pressure on the spine while sleeping. The foam mattress that is made of the material polyurethane softens according to the body heat.

If you are looking specifically for a mattress that keeps your body temperature cool then gel memory mattress is the best best for you. The foam mattress also changes the shape based on the sleeper’s weight.

Most of the mattress buyers prefer foam mattresses as it is hygienic. If you want to avoid bed bugs then you can go for a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are great to sleep along with partners. If you are sharing a mattress then there is sleep disturbance with partner movements. So, foam mattress is to avoid motion transfer when sleeping with an often moving partner throughout the night.


  • Durable mattress type
  • Avoids bed bugs
  • Keeps pressured points aligned
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduces chronic back pain
  • No motion transfer
  • Comes with longer warranty period
  • Dust mites resistant


  • Petrochemicals
  • Retains heat

Which one to Choose, Coir Mattress or a Foam Mattress?

We cannot conclude or recommend choosing a particular type of mattress. It depends on your choice and preferences. But we can say that coir mattress is better than foam mattress as it is made with natural material.

Again foam mattresses are more durable compared to coir mattresses. So, you can compare the both the mattress types to know which is the best. Go according to your requirements of the mattress and then choose the best between a coir mattress and foam mattress.

Coir and foam mattresses are the popular mattresses preferred and well accepted in India. Based on the preference and popularity, it led us to describe the mattress. The coir Vs foam mattress comparison gives you a better idea. When you are going to buy a new mattress, you can compare these two mattresses.