Sleepwell is a well known brand for bedding products. While you shop for the best mattress in India, you will come across a Sleepwell mattress. Online or offline shopping suggests a Sleepwell mattress as it is one of the best selling mattresses.

Sleepwell brand has 1 lakh distributors and that makes the mattresses widely available.

Sleepwell is focused on manufacturing the mattresses with upgraded technology. It is a promising brand for comfortable mattresses. You have different Sleepwell mattresses available in India.

Mattresses are specialized to treat back pain, proper body alignment. You must know the features of the mattress, pros and cons as well.

Here you have a complete review on Sleepwell mattresses.

The Sleepwell Mattress Range

1. Sleepwell Spine Bond

The sleepwell mattress comes with additional benefits which enhance your comfort. The cell structure of the mattress is for superior feel and performance of the mattress. The hybrid mattress is of 4 inches thickness. You have various sizes from which you can pick according to your convenience. Go according to your bed size to fit in properly.

If you are looking for a medium firm one then this is the best mattress from sleepwell. Coming to the material, it is included both coir and foam for extra back support. The coir material is to regulate the body temperature naturally and foam material is to add extra bounce and comfort to your body while sleeping. The layers of the mattress are rubberized especially for proper spine alignment.

The mattress is best suited for the people with back pain and spine problems. You get the mattress in a preassembled state. It is an affordable product from sleepwell mattress brand in India.


  • Ideal for spine health
  • Quality coir and foam
  • Available in different sizes
  • Regulates body temperature


  • Only one thickness option

2. Sleepwell Nexa

The sleepwell nexa mattress has the best feature of regaining the shape after deformation of body weight. The memory foam is used for high resilience of the mattress. The texture is weather soft and allows the body for easy body movements. If you are looking for these features in a mattress then Sleepwell nexa is the best product.

You have a few more features and benefits that you may want to know before buying: it gives great support to your body. The mattress distributes the sleeper’s body weight equally. The upgraded technology enhanced the ventilation of the mattress.

The product is available with 8 inches thickness. The mattress comes in a preassembled state which becomes easy for you to fix it. It is a lightweight mattress which weighs around 6 kgs. It feels like a luxury mattress.


  • 10 Years warranty
  • High resilience foam
  • Distributes body weight
  • Lightweight mattress
  • Easy body movements


  • None

3. Sleepwell Duet Air

You can use the mattress for personalized comfort with dual sides. You can use it for soft comfort on one side and firm side on either side. When you want spinal support, you can use the firm side. Soft and comfy sleeping experience allows you to flip the mattress to the soft side.

The mattress is available in 5,6 and 8 inches thickness. If you are looking for a branded coir mattress then choose this. The unique coir and latex layering promotes finest air flow. You will have a refreshed sleep as the air circulation is good.

This mattress is best suited for the people who are looking for super ventilated mattresses.


  • Dual usable mattress
  • Allows spinal alignment
  • Excellent airflow
  • Modern colour
  • Satin outer fabric


  • Less warranty period

4. Sleepwell Spring Range

The already assembled mattress is combined with both an innerspring system and latex. It is a well-constructed mattress. The spring system offers added support to your body and bounce. The spring system also helps for supportive edges. The main benefit of the mattress is edge support to your body with foam wall technology.

The viscoelastic material of the mattress gives comfortable and sufficient support. The technology also enhances the durability of the mattress. And it is a mattress designed with ideal measurements. The thickness is 8 inches and it weighs 6 kgs.

Sleepwell spring mattresses are the best for edgy support and comfort. The premier material helps you get restorative sleep.


  • Durable mattress
  • Foam wall technology
  • Sufficient bounce
  • Preassembled state
  • 10 year warranty


  • None

Which Sleepwell Mattress is Good for Back Pain?

The best mattress for back pain is the Sleepwell spine bond mattress. Spine bond mattress prevents back pain with proper body alignment. If you particularly want a mattress that supports your spine then you can pick a spine bond mattress.

You have the best Sleepwell mattresses as per the needs and personalized use. You can have a review on each popular Sleepwell mattress before purchasing. Pick the one which suits your needs and fits your budget.