You have various mattress types that are designed for different purposes. The outer appearance of the mattresses doesn’t make a big difference. To be specific about your choice of mattress, you must look for the differences between the mattress.

A comparison of a mattress can help you pick the best mattress in India. Let’s compare spring mattresses and coir mattresses which are the two most preferred types of mattresses in India.

The guidance on differences between spring mattress and coir mattress is provided with the information you need to know. Don’t forget to check the pros and cons of each mattress type.

We will help your mattress shopping easier and perfect. The only tip to shop for a mattress is to stick to the type of mattress and the benefits that come with it. So, here is a detailed explanation on the both spring mattress and coir mattress.

What is a Spring Mattress?

Spring mattress is the traditional type of mattress which has good demand even today. It is an ideal mattress for the people with back ailments.

Spring mattress is made of the metal coils with a combination of other materials. The metals and the other material is layered to complete a spring mattress. All together it gives the foundational support to the body while sleeping.

Another kind of spring mattress is the one which combined with the foam around the coils. These kinds of mattresses are called hybring spring mattresses. A classic hybrid spring mattress is beneficial both ways- it helps relieve the pressure with the foam layer and the innerspring system is to make the mattress firm.

The main reason for recommending a spring mattress is for its bouncy effect. It cradles your body when you sleep over the mattress. Basically, a spring mattress offers support to the body. The support comes by pushing back the body with the same amount of pressure that the body applies over the mattress while sleeping. This can be a problem for a few people and cause discomfort during sleep.


  • Bouncy effect with innerspring layer
  • Provides cooler temperature
  • Gives edge support
  • Good air circulation
  • Long Lasting mattress
  • Affordable price
  • Best for all the seasons


  • Motion transfer
  • Uneasy to set up

What is a Coir Mattress?

Coir mattress is another oldest type of mattress. Some of the people choose the coir mattress for its extra firmness. The material that makes the mattress tougher is coconut coir. A few mattresses are a mixture of coconut coir and latex solution to build the base support. The latex and coir mixed mattress contours the body in a better way compared to just coir mattress.

The major benefit that mattress buyers consider about a coir mattress is natural material. A coir mattress is altogether made of natural materials. You can stay away from chemicals by using a coir mattress. Sometimes, coir mattress is also combined with wool for comfortable texture and surface.

Coir mattress has a well ventilated surface which promotes needed air circulation. It helps make the mattress cool. It is also hygroscopic which means absorbing the moisture and giving comfortable sleep. This is a common feature in most modern mattresses. The extra moisture released from the body can cause difficulty in sleep. It is one of the most desired mattresses as it gives a plush effect to your body.


  • Eco-friendly mattress
  • Proper ventilated surface
  • Moisture resistant
  • Avoids allergies
  • Super firm and supports the body
  • Treats and prevents back pain
  • The best option for summers
  • Prevents respiratory problems


  • Wears and sags faster
  • Cannot contour the body

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Differences Between Spring Mattress and Coir Mattress

When you are not able to decide or confuse between the spring and coir mattresses, then you can check the differences. The differences between spring and coir mattresses make it simple when you are shopping for a new mattress. Spring mattress Vs coir mattress have notable differences.

1. Material

Spring mattress is manufactured with metal coils for plush and bouncy effect. Few springs mattresses are also surrounded with foam for softer and sufficient support to the body.

The material used for coir mattress is coconut coir along with other natural fabrics.

2. Warranty

Warranty is another quality that you must consider while comparing spring Vs coir mattress.

Spring mattress comes with an 11 years warranty. And generally, coir mattress comes with 5 years of warranty.

3. Durability

If we compare the spring and coir mattresses, the spring mattress is more durable. Coir mattress tends to wear easily and tends to sag faster.

4. Firmness

Coir mattress is extra firm in comparison with a spring mattress. The fitness is due to the coconut husk as the material used for a coir mattress. Spring mattresses are medium firm compared to coir mattresses.

5. Cost

Coir mattress is a budget friendly option compared to spring mattresses. Cost is a contrary point when we compare both spring and coir mattress. As coir mattress is made of natural material it costs less.

Spring Vs Coir Mattress – Which One to Pick

After measuring the betterment of these two types of mattresses, both are good. When choosing a mattress between spring and coir mattress, you must compare the qualities. Coir mattress offers you a refreshed sleep with better ventilated layer whereas it is not durable like a spring mattress.

A spring mattress can cause motion transfer which is not the same with a coir mattress. If you are looking for a budget friendly mattress then coir mattress can match your need. This way you can come to a decision whether to choose a spring mattress or a coir mattress based on their performance and your needs.


When you are mindful about the type of mattresses, the differences and comparisons come into use. You also won’t regret the buy if you are sure and familiar about the mattress you chose. Hence, we have provided the brief guidance with detailed information on spring mattress Vs coir mattress.