Is it time to change the mattress? Then you must know the best mattress brands in the market. The types may change your comfort level and suit your sleeping patterns. The mattresses are designed with different materials and fabric. If you know that the design and material of the mattress makes a difference then you would want to know more about it.

We got into the details of Wakefit and Sleepycat mattresses. You will want to compare and see which is the best. Hence, we mentioned the information about two popular brands of mattresses in India-Wakefit and Sleepycat mattress.

Good mattresses help you get sound sleep and feel good in the morning. There are also effects of sleepless nights due to wrong mattresses. To avoid those side effects of an unsuitable mattress, you must choose the best mattress. If you are looking for the best mattress in India, you must be particular about the brand of mattress.

Excited to know which mattress reigns best for you? Then you better keep reading below for WakeFit vs SleepyCat review!

Wakefit Vs Sleepycat Mattress-Types of Mattress Available

Wakefit Vs sleepycat mattresses are the brands that offer the best mattress. These two brands manufacture the mattress with different material and style. There is a considerable difference in available sizes, features. The prices of the mattress also differs.

So, here we have covered all the features, main differences between wakefit and sleepycat mattresses. At the end of this article, you will get a clear idea which fits your requirements. While buying a mattress, you need to be mindful of material used, sizes and prices.

If the size is too small or too big than required then it doesn’t fit your bedding requirement. Buying an expensive mattress is not everything. Few mattresses are made of hard material and few are soft. So, testing every feature of the mattress can only make you purchase the best. Not only that, every night will be a good night with a good mattress.

Wakefit VS Sleepycat Mattress – Materials Used

If you are looking for the material used for the two brand mattresses then it is a valid feature to keep in mind. Mattresses affect your body temperature and it may make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Material is not just the out fabric but you must look for inner cover. If the mattress is made of good fabric then it lasts for a longer time.

Sleepycat Mattress

Sleepycat original and Sleepycat plus are the two types of mattresses. There is a material difference and thickness of the material. The layers of the material can make your mattress comfortable. The slight difference in the density of the mattress also affects your sleep.

Sleepycat Original Mattress

This type of mattress is designed with 5 inches of height foam. Along with the foam it is combined with 1 inch gel memory foam for a perfect supportive base.

Sleepycat Plus Mattress

The mattress material is increased with the inches. Here you will have 6 inches of foam combined with 2 inches of gel foam. The doubled material makes the mattress comfortable and softer compared to the original mattress.

Wakefit Mattress

You have the possibility of choosing the best mattress from WakeFit Vs SleepyCat mattresses. Among many of the features, one feature that you must first check for a Wakefit mattress is its material. There are two types of mattresses- Orthopaedic memory foam mattress and dual comfort mattress.

Orthopaedic memory foam mattress

For this mattress, the high resilience foam is used as the base. Top it, new-gen memory foam is used and over that, a cool foam is layered. The mattress helps in keeping your body cool. You must now think if this mattress suits your body temperature as it has a particular combination of material.

Dual Comfort Mattress

For this mattress, one side of the mattress is covered with high resilience foam and the other side is covered with soft foam. It is a flexible mattress that you can turn it upside down. You can use it for two ways for a change.

Latex mattress

The material of this type of mattress includes 2 inches of latex foam and in combination 5 inches of high density foam is joined. It has a zipper cover that is flexible to use. You will have luxurious comfort and support.

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Wakefit Vs Sleepycat Mattress – Available Sizes

Just like the prices and features differe the size of the mattresses are also different. If you are looking for a couple mattresses then a small size is good for you. For more than two people, you may need a big size mattress. So, know the sizes of the wakefit and sleepycat mattresses sizes.

The sizes available for wakefit and sleepycat mattress are almost similar. You have single size, double size, queen size and king size.

Wakefit Vs Sleepycat Mattress – Price Details

After knowing the features of the mattresses, you would come to check the prices. Price comparison is one of the factors you must check before buying a mattress. There is a slight difference in between the prices of the wakefit and sleepycat mattresses.

Wakefit mattresses price ranges from 8,465 to 14,108. The price differs with the size and based on the quality. The height and quality material decide the price range for wakefit mattress.

Sleepycat mattresses prices range from 9,989 to 17,989. If you are focusing on the price of the Wakefit Vs sleepycat mattress, then you will see a difference in prices. Compared to a wakefit mattress, sleepycat price is higher.

Wakefit Vs Sleepycat Mattress – Features

The comfort levels we are referring to are because of the material and the covers of the mattress. If you are concerned about your body temperature during sleep, you must look for a particular mattress only. We have been specific about the features of two brands of mattresses. This will give you an elaborated idea about which is the best mattress between wakefit or sleepycat.

Wakefit Mattress Features

  • Your body shape will be uniform on this mattress. It will distribute your body weight evenly which allows you to sleep in the right positions.
  • There will be no blood clots and turning throughout your sleep time. This is a unique and significant feature.
  • Available in 5,6 and 8 inches foam. If you are looking for a heightened mattress then you can choose a brand.
  • The breathable fabric for the mattress to last long. It also gives you comfortable sleep without any disturbance.
  • Coolfit foam fixed in the mattress is to keep your body cool. It is a good and suitable summer day.
  • The mattress pushes your body upwards while you sleep on it. We can say it is a good hospital bed and very suitable for patients.
  • Wakefit is open for a 100 days trial which is longer compared to other options.
  • You will get the mattress with a 20 years warranty. This is the higher warranty tenure compared to sleepycat mattress.

Sleepycat mattress features

  • 5 inches foam high density which is enough comfortable to sleep.
  • It has the anti skid base where you will not be at risk of skidding from the bed when you are asleep.
  • The outer cover is of premium quality which makes the mattress last longer. The cotton fabric is permanently stitched to the mattress. It keeps your body cool and comfortable while you snooze.
  • The inner cover of the mattress is as good as the outer cover. It is breezy and breathable which suits for most of the body types.
  • It avoids motion transfer and doesn’t disturb you from sleep with discomfort.
  • The sleepycat mattress is designed with pressure relieving qualities. It avoids body aches.
  • The millions of gel beads regulate the body temperature and accordingly keeps your body cool.
  • For sleepycat mattress, there is a 30 days trial period. If you are looking for a longer trial period than a month then this is not of your choice.
  • You will get the mattress with a 10 years warranty that is reasonable with the material and design quality.

Wakefit Vs Sleepycat Mattress – Ratings & Reviews

If we see wakefit Vs sleepycat rating vise then it is the same. Knowing about the reviews and ratings, you will be able to make a better choice. You will know which works best and can fulfill your expectations.

The customer reviews of both brands say the sleeping experience is good. It is worth buying a quality mattresses. We have taken the real reviews of different models of mattresses of the two brands from amazon. If you still want the particular rating of some of the specific model ratings of the mattresses then you can take an overview below. You can check out the prices and required details about the mattresses.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress, Queen Bed Size (78x60x8)- 4.5 Rating

Users say, this is a firm mattress that supports your body pretty well. It is a comfortable and compact mattress. Most of the customers of amazon say that it is to avoid body pains triggering. Overall, you will have the best sleep experience with a wakefit orthopaedic mattress.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft, Single Bed Size (72x30x6)- 4.5 Rating

Most of the wakefit customers are happy with the company service. It is said in the reviews of this particular product. Coming to the mattress, it is lightweight, dual side and comfortable to sleep. It is a worth buying product.

SleepyCat Original 6 Inch Orthopedic Memory Foam Single Size Mattress (78x42x6 Inches)- 4.5

The gel layers of the mattress allow you to keep your body temperature moderate. Gel layer technology is allowed to maintain moderate body temperature. A few customers complain that the mattress is getting hot during summer. This is a point to check before you buy this mattress.

SleepyCat Latex 7 Inch 100% Organic Latex King Size Mattress (78x72x7 Inches)

If you want cushion effect mattress then this is the best as per the amazon reviews. It is a mattress that you can happily sleep in during summers too as it is airy. It offers good support to sleepers bodies.

By this review and buying guidance about the wakefit and sleepycat mattress, your confusion will be cleared. When you have both the best options, all you must do is the right comparison. We have mentioned everything that you should know about the two popular mattress brands in India.