After identifying that mattress is the cause of your health problems, what’s the next step? I guess it’s knowing which mattress suits you the best. But the question is, does a mattress affect your health? Not only this, mattress in regards to health comes with many pieces of advice.

If you are skeptical about buying a new mattress then it’s understandable. You are investing your huge money on a product. Good mattresses are not only to offer you quality sleep but also to contribute to your health. You may wonder “how a mattress can impact your health”? That is the main object of this article.

You will get a clear idea about how a good mattress can improve your health. We have explained, “which is the good mattress for your health in India”. You can gain the important information that comes along the good mattress for health.

Why is a Good Mattress Important for Your Health?

Sleep contributes to your health so the mattress. After getting a sound sleep, you can have a refreshed morning. It is never the same with the wrong mattress.

You will end up rolling from end to end on the wrong mattress and this can lead to sleep deprivation. Sleepless nights are a cause for many health issues that anyone cannot afford.

How a Mattress Can Affect Your Health?

A suitable mattress can keep your spine and neck aligned properly. Especially, patients with back pain must choose the suitable mattress. It can help relieve the back pain with proper spine alignment. Additionally it aids in correcting the sleeping posture and prevents body aches.

A bad mattress can be the worst decision as it highly affects your health.You must beware of which is a wrong mattress. The mattress with low quality can bring you respiratory problems with dust and allergens. There are many highlighted facts further about which mattress is good for your health.

Which Mattress is Good for Health in India?

You may have certain needs with a mattress.You buy the mattress being mindful about your needs. But what’s to remember beyond anything is your health. We previously explained how a mattress can affect your health. So, you must prioritize your needs when buying a mattress. Here are the common things to say that the mattress you chose is the best or not.

1. Chemical Less Mattress

You must choose the mattress that is free from chemicals. A toxic mattress can result in hazardous health problems like cancer, infertility in long term.

Thankfully, it’s easy to find out the toxic mattress so that you can ditch and replace it with a good mattress.

Toxic mattresses start off gassing and produce chemical odor over the time. Remember that you are inhaling the chemicals that are released from the mattress. Do you agree that mattresses can affect your health?

2. The One Which Contours Your Body

A mattress that contours your body curves and body shape is good for your health. It prevents you from aching the pressure points of your body when you are sleeping.

If you have found a mattress that contours your body then you have the best mattress. It is not a tough task to find the best mattress in India considering this factor.

3. Self Cooling Mattresses

Heat that is produced from a mattress can cause over sweat and hot flashes in sleep. There are various medical causes for over sweating issues but mattress heat can be the major reason for many.

So, a mattress that has the self cooling feature is the best. It helps you sleep cool even in summers.

4. Anti Dust Mattress

Anti-dust mattress is a safe mattress to sleep on. Every buyer must make sure of buying a mattress with anti-dust quality. A mattress that is prone to allergies can affect your health. It is a direct cause for skin allergies, respiratory infections.

Which Type of Mattress is Good for Health in India?

You have various types of mattresses in India. Each type of mattress is for different purposes. There is a need to know the speciality of each type of mattress. Knowing the type of mattress to buy is one of the major factors you must consider while buying a mattress.

  1. Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is one of the best types of mattresses in India. Ideally, these mattresses are made out of coconut fiber. The fiber is extracted from natural coconut husk and free from chemicals. It is a perfect mattress for people with respiratory and breathing problems. The mattress has the capacity to avoid dust mites.

  1. Spring mattress

You can get a spring mattress to sleep cool and comfortably. Most of the mattresses tend to get heat and disturb your sleep. It also causes hot flashes with the generated heat. Spring mattresses will have ample air circulation which avoids hot flashes and excess sweating while you are snoozing. Spring mattresses are also known for unparalleled support to the body.

  1. Foam mattress

Foam mattresses is a reputed type of mattress for healthy body alignment. It is the best choice of mattress in India for healthy spine alignment. Foam mattresses are made to hug the sleeper’s body. Interestingly, it is also an ideal type of mattress for physical recovery.

  1. Latex mattress

If your goal is to use a natural mattress then latex is one best type of mattress in India. Latex is the organic material made from rubber trees. Latex solution is free from harmful chemicals. But a few mattresses brands can mislead you with the quality of latex used for the mattress. So, it is always good to choose a latex mattress from the best mattress brands in India.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Mattress

When you are interlinking mattress with health, the factors of a best mattress slightly differ. Before, the style and weight of the mattress may have more weightage. But when it comes to your health, you have the following major things to consider before buying a mattress.

Type of mattress

Which type of mattress suits your health needs? You have a few types of mattresses in India. Each mattress has different health benefits and the confined purposes. Know the mattress type and check if it meets your health requirements before buying.

Fabric ventilation

A mattress needs internal air circulation to avoid the health problems like excess sweating and sleepless nights. If your body is prone to heat generation in sleep, then choosing a cool mattress is good for you.

Quality material

Quality material is a major thing that you should consider while buying a new mattress. If a mattress is claimed to be made of natural and chemical less material then it is all good to buy it. Recheck whether the claims are true or not.

Low quality material does not give the needed support to your body. It doesn’t stay true after a short duration of wear and tear.

Firmness level

Consider the firmness level while choosing a mattress. A definite firmness does not suit all the sleepers. Choose firmness based on your body weight, sleeping posture. The firmness must prevent your body from sinking and it should encourage body alignment. This can tell if the firmness level is right for your body or not.

Best Mattress Brands in India

You have several mattress brands in India. From the several brands, you cannot decide the best brand instantly. You must know the established mattress brands list in India. Then, you will find it effortless to compare the price, quality, warranty and many other factors.

You can compare the best brand mattresses in India and then finalize which suits you better. Here is a list of best mattress brands in India-

  • Sleepycat
  • Wakefit
  • Sleepyhead
  • Kurl-on
  • Sleepwell


Choosing a mattress is a simple task unless health is your priority. Make your health the first priority and you will find the best mattress in India. As you have the right knowledge on choosing the best mattress for health in India, you can do your mattress shopping with ease.